On Demand Webinars

During 2022 members can access a number of webinars on demand. The first of these was broadcast on the 8th March and details of this and all webinars are below


Webinar broadcast date: May 17, 2022 14:00

Webinar Title: Is digital onboarding changing the face of application fraud forever?

Webinar Synopsis: Join Danny Clark, Head of Fraud Prevention at NewDay and Experian for a fireside chat discussing the current challenges facing fraud managers.
During the session we will be taking a deep dive into current challenges within application fraud, the emerging trends, how these effect strategic properties and the solutions to mitigate. Join industry experts as they share insights and knowledge that will get you thinking differently to solve your own fraud challenges and answer the question, is digital onboarding changing the face of application fraud forever?

Speakers: Danny Clark, Head of Fraud Prevention @NewDay; Tristan Prince, Fraud Product Director @Experian; Paul Sears, Head of Consulting – Experian Identity & Fraud @Experian

Click on the following link to view the recording of this live webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/2pm_Swj70XSXqJZmT_m-okDgadxQ-Uytv0aqGhGWWdC-Frhim2onCEA5EORZZeyE3nCnXYfnru0jBnTE.PCX0w0H9YAQT-4o9


Webinar broadcast date: May 4, 2022 14:00

Webinar Title: Are fake online identities the biggest fraud risk to companies right now?

Webinar Synopsis: While we engage on social media, research job applicants, and read reviews of companies, be aware that not everything online is always quite as it seems.

Earlier this year, a ‘Sophisticated’ fraudster who created countless fake social media profiles was jailed. Matthew Hardy from Manchester was sentenced to nine years a for the ‘deep and sophisticated infiltration into victims’ personal lives’. The 30-year-old admitted creating fake profiles on social media to try and gather information on other users.

Scammers are even posting fake job adverts online to try and con job hunters out of their much-needed savings. SAFERjobs, which was set up by the Metropolitan Police, is warning of a spike as more people are out of work due to the impact of the pandemic and the associated economic ‘shock’. Back in 2016, SAFERjobs reported that more than £500,000 of fraud had taken place between September 2015 and September 2016. Now, the not-for-profit campaign says that it has received “thousands” of reports of job scams since the pandemic started.

So how big of a risk is fake online identities to companies in the UK? In this webinar we will discuss:
• Why are the number of fake online accounts still rising?
• What companies need to do to tackle the problem
• New and innovative ways to tackle the problem

“Online identity fraud is a problem that is growing in sophistication, intensity, and frequency. Fake profiles aren’t just on Facebook and Twitter they are just as likely to be on company registration pages and records”

Speakers: Neil Downing, VP Products @TMT Analysis and Keith Rosser, Director Group Risk / Director of Reed Screening @REED

Click on the following link to view the recording of this live webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/v8zPbHo_WCM4PeoAblN2KFz_5j1uoEUEVvO7I2PWYw1YkL5jpTLr8GKR1oSnOK0J.AYeLPFar_LhMXWth

Webinar broadcast date: Mar 8, 2022 14:00

Webinar Title: 2022 FRAUD REVIEW: What can we learn from victims and businesses?

Webinar Synopsis:
Data-driven insights from victims of fraud and cybercrime attacks
Hacked bank accounts, stolen crypto, online gaming cheating, romance scams, stolen credit cards… it’s a treacherous out world out there for the average digital user!
This webinar will take insights from The Cyber Helpline’s victim response data and Arkose Labs’ insights from attacks on digital businesses to review current trends in fraud and cybercrime.
• What are the hottest monetization targets?
• What are the most difficult attacks to suppress?
• What’s big for the year ahead?

Speakers: Lizzie Clitheroe, VP Product Marketing, Arkose Labs & The Cyber Helpline(Volunteer) and Mike Daley, Director of Solution Engineering, Arkose Labs

Click on the following link to view the recording of this live webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/35t2x_ftoEcqi5y9aLLXrtIDvAUPU8hesOERl6V9NS5nKiCxmnLhG_luIlq8d3Wq.9vx5TlcpZWg0x8kg



Broadcast date: Thursday 24th June 2021, 14:00

Webinar Title:  “Could fake qualifications open the door for fraud in your organisation?”

Webinar Synopsis: At best, fake qualifications are seen by businesses as a negligible nuisance, and at worst, a sackable offence with little to no consequences. However, in recent years a dark side has emerged to this story, one that leaves human lives at stake as a result. In this webinar, Adam Crosbie from Prospects Hedd will discuss the ease of getting and using fake qualifications, as well as multiple case examples of what happens when these people go undetected within a business. From embezzling hundreds of millions in taxpayer’s money, to flying commercial jets without licenses, to even killing patients in hospitals.  Qualification fraud is not a victimless crime and predominantly leads to further fraud. This webinar will educate you on how to protect your business at all levels, what to watch out for, and how to take small steps to ward off fraudsters.

Speaker: Adam Crosbie, Qualification Fraud Policy Officer, Prospects(Jisc)

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/1116230606195/WN_N6ZQPk6NQ9KW_U_l0affHg


A Recording of The Webinar held on Thursday 13th May 2021 

ILLEGAL MONEY LENDING – A very specific type of fraud

Is now available to members in the members area

ILLEGAL MONEY LENDING – a very specific type of fraud

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) is the government body behind Stop Loan Sharks. The team was set up in 2004 to investigate and prosecute illegal money lenders while protecting those who have borrowed money from a loan shark. Since launch, the England IMLT have supported over 30,000 people and written off over £83 million worth of illegal debt.



A Recording of The Webinar held on Thursday 11th March 2021 – Using Mobile Data to Fight Fraud

Is now available to members in the members area