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The culture of British business has a tendency to inhibit proper fraud prevention.The aim of the London Fraud Forum is to promote fraud awareness and successful fraud prevention strategies across both public and private sector regions, by creating a culture of transparency with better flows of information and open discussion aimed at promoting more widespread understanding and better sharing of ideas.The report published by the Association of Police Officers put the Fraud costs the UK economy £14 billion every year, but the latest Annual Fraud Indicator published by the National Fraud Agency puts the loss in 2008 at £30.5billion. £17.6 billion of this is in the public sector - 58%. Full details can be obtained from the Annual Fraud Indicator - How much does fraud cost?. Fraud occurs in both the public and private sectors and will increase unless we combine forces to do something about it. Fraud is a difficult subject to talk about. In doing so we are highlighting our own deficiencies and those of our businesses. The London Fraud Forum (LFF) has been formed to promote change within an open, anti-fraud culture. It is the declared aim of the LFF to enable members to participate in discounted training events designed to reduce fraud in the region by making the members better able to fight it.

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