The LONDONFRAUDFORUM is the organisation for London’s anti-fraud community - bringing together the public and private sectors to fight fraud.

We provide an invaluable forum for our members to share experiences, opinions and ideas on best practice in the day-to-day business of fighting fraud and economic crime.

Fraud is a difficult subject to talk about, so the LONDONFRAUDFORUM was formed twelve years ago to promote change and forge an open anti-fraud culture. We are working towards better flows of information and honest discussion across all sectors, which we believe will lead to a greater and wider understanding of fraud issues and more co-operation - and success - in fighting fraud in the London area and beyond.

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We'd be delighted to see you at our
13th annual conference
Thursday 3rd October 2019

One Great George Street, London SW1
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Our Next Events

'Decisions and Disruptions Table Top Exercise'

Wednesday 11th September 2019
London WC1H 9LT

We are delighted to announce our next annual conference

Title: 13th annual LFF conference
Date: 3rd October 2019
Venue: One Great George Street, London

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